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Weboksi logoapplikator v5
Logo applicator launch
Weboksi logo applicator is finally here. Now you can easily upload your own logo and order packagings or labels printed with your own logo. Click through four fast steps and order logo products within a couple of seconds. The delivery time for packagings with logoprint is 4 weeks and for labels 1 week. Products with logoprint will be printed in four color print (CMYK).
Packagings with own logo gives a professional picture of your products. Take a look into the product assortment and find products that are suitable exactly for your business – it has never been easier to order logoprinted products!

Popular product categories

Printed packaging for bakeries
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weboksi sample v2
Order a product sample
We offer our customers the possibility to order cheap product samples to see, feel, and try the packaging. Most of the packaging on our webshop is available to order as product samples. To order a product as a sample, select which product you want and then click "Order as sample".
Ordering a sample is a great way to try out the packaging before placing a larger order. We want you to find a packaging solution that you love!
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The importance of good packaging
You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and the product packaging is usually the first point of contact between your company and its customers. The impression that your product packaging gives your customers will shape their image of your company and what it stands for. That's why the look and feel of the product packaging are as important as the product itself.

But really, what is good packaging? Hear our product development team's answer.


Good Food Good Mood
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Weboksi kampanjfotografering 12 kopiera
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Logo applicator
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