"Good packaging communicates with your customers, elevates the feel of the product, and makes your product stand out from the crowd."


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The Weboksi Story – The idea for Weboksi was born from the customers' requests, and right from the beginning the goal of the webshop has been clear: to always put the customer first. The packaging is a creative part of the product and should enhance the product as a whole for the customer and appeal to the recipient.
That's why – Weboksi wants to be the supplier who gives small and medium-sized companies the chance to buy complete, modern, and appealing packaging solutions in as small or large lots as they wish. In our webshop, you will find text products for every packaging product so that they can test if the products work as planned before ordering a bigger lot.

Along the way – The process from idea to full-scale webshop has been long and winding. Along the way, several big questions have arisen, often concerning the customers' wishes and needs. What packaging solutions do small businesses want? What do small businesses need? To find out which products they need and want, Weboksi has contacted smaller companies to let them test different packaging models. We have used the feedback from the companies to find the best packaging solution.
We want to be – Modern, flexible, and innovative. With the customer in focus, we want to be a modern and flexible alternative where you as a customer always find the best possible packaging for your products. But we also want to be more than just a web shop: we want to be innovative. In a step towards being an innovative web shop, we offer test samples so that you can see, feel, and try the packaging before purchase to ensure that the packaging is right for you and your products. Thinking new requires constant change, and we will continue to develop the online shop in the right direction based on the customers' wishes and needs.


Our promise – In order to live up to what we wish to achieve, we promise to launch at least one new product every month, forever.


Our guiding star is our customers. The packaging is part of the product: it is often the first contact between the company and its products. The packaging is a medium through which your company can convey your message, enhance the feeling of the product, and stand out from the crowd. With Weboksi's solid technical packaging knowledge, we have the opportunity not only to offer standardized packaging solutions, but also to develop our product range and shape the webshop based on our customers' wishes.


Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet, and it's imperative that we all try to minimize our climate footprint. Cardboard packaging is made from renewable resources and is also recyclable and biodegradable. At Weboksi, we believe that cardboard packaging is a more sustainable alternative for a more sustainable future.