Logo applicator tutorial

The Weboksi logo applicator is finally here. Now you can easily upload your own logo and order packagings or labels printed with your own logo. Click through four fast steps and order logo products within a couple of seconds. Packagings with own logo gives a professional picture of your products. Take a look into the product assortment and find products that are suitable exactly for your business – it has never been easier to order logoprinted products!

tutorial logo applikator

Choose product

On this side you can find all of our products available in the logo applicator. 

Step 1 - Choose material or size

Choose material or size and go to the next step to start the uploading.

Step 2 - Guidelines for logo print

File formats for logo

Your logo should be in one of these file formats: pdf, svg, ai, eps (vektorisoitu tiedosto), psd, png, jpg, tif (picture)
Important things to remember:

  • Choose a vector file in the first hand if you have one.
  • If your logo is a picture, the required size for good printing quality is at least 300 dpi.
  • Choose the position for the logo, landscape or portrait.
  • Place the logo in one of the preselected areas.
  • Adjust the size of the logo according to what size you want.
  • The logo will be printed in four color print (CMYK).

    Please observe, if you chose brown cardboard as material of the packaging, the brown color from the cardboard will shift through the print.

    Step 3 - Position of the logo

    Adjust the size of your logo and choose where on the product you want the logo to be placed.

    Step 4 - Finalize the order

    Once you are happy with the size and placement of the print, you are ready to complete your order!

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